Nokia Camera App Is Talking With Facebook

So I have a Nokia 7 Plus and I thought it would be better than the Chinese ones as far as data protection and privacy is concerned. I was completely wrong. I recently installed NoRoot Firewall and I found a lot of apps which I thought did not need any internet connection or backend actually connecting to some servers somewhere. Phone, Message, every single google app calls home. I was most surprised to see even the Nokia camera app connecting to facebook and I don’t even use facebook.

Chrome is the new IE 6

I am getting increasingly frustrated with chrome. Or should I say developers. It seems the developers never bother to test their apps in anything other than chrome now. Granted that chrome has 65% of the marketshare, but developers must and should build for standards but it seems they are building only for chrome. But how did they get to here? Yes, by pesking users to download chrome whenever users get to one of google’s properties.